DJ Marketing Tips – 5 Reasons Why You Need a BLOG

Mobile DJs are always looking for new and effective ways to market themselves and their business. The days of expensive booths at conventions and shows are over. The Internet allows us to market and promote ourselves to the masses at virtually no cost. One such method for doing so is blogging.

Blogging first became popular in the late 1990’s. For most people, they still consider a blog to be simply an online diary where they talk about what happened yesterday and how they felt about it—WRONG! Successful blogs share useful tips and information for readers. There is s much potential for you to use blogging in your mobile DJ business, that it can’t go ignored.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Blogging Works for YOU:

1. Blogging is Simple!

Using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, anyone can be publishing articles, videos and more with the touch of a button. No need for expensive programmers or designers. Everything is user friendly. When it is is THAT easy to have your own online presence, you simply need to take advantage of it

2. Google Loves Blogs!

WordPress blogs are very Search Engine Optimized (SEO). That means they can easily rank well in the search engines for the proper keywords. Now people can find you quicker and easier and you don’t need to drop a ton of money on that SEO company.

3. It’s FREE.

Thee’s no other great reason for using a blog than knowing it is FREE. You can’t have a risk of loosing money when having and start to use blog as your marketing tool; There’s absolutely no payment necessary to start. Just visit or to get started. (NOTE: If you decide to own your branded name, you’ll need to purchase a domain and hosting).

4. Blogging builds Credibility.

As you write articles on party-planning tips, advice for playing the right music or how to choose the best DJ, YOU become a credible authority in your market. Your readers will look up to you for their source of information. As you become more credible, their chances of hiring you increase drastically.

5. Two-Way Communication

Blogs are very Social Media-friendly and social media is HOT right now! One reason why blogs are soo powerful is their ability for two-way communication. When you write a post, others can reply or comment. You get feedback from your readers. This valuable insight allows you to calibrate your message and improve your writing.

Here are things that you should do to reach people you wanted to read your blog.

  • Use a Subscription page.
  • Understand the need of your reader
  • Join blog Network
  • Use RSS
  • Use Social Networking Sites
  • Use Social Bookmarking Sites

That is a very crucial part to give your business a boost by effectively using blog as an Internet Marketing Tool. Try to Google those things and familiarize and know more about them.